Wipes Made For The Bathroom, Body, Baby, Feet, Face and Kids Too!....Try It and See!!

"I love the portability of these! They are perfect for traveling, the car and my purse. Single packets are a great way to grab some easy cleaning solutions on the go. It's especially helpful as a mom to have this handy in "sticky" situations." - Michelle Keller

  • Ass Wipes Singles:  Now in a convenient single wipe packet! The perfect TO-GO pouch to throw into your purse or gym bag!
  • Bio-Degradable: Moist towelette with a SECRET skin safe formula that’s infused with chamomile, cucumber, aloe and vitamin E to leave your skin soft and smooth while keeping you clean. 
  • 8X Durability: Ass Wipes are made using a durable micro-cloth that is up to 8x stronger than other wipes. Unlike the other wipes, Ass Wipes doesn’t rip. 
  • Made Safe In The USA: Hypoallergenic, never tested on animals and best of all we are manufactured right here in the good old USA. Don’t settle for a wipe that’s just good enough when you can have the best wipe in the World!

"See Why We've Love AssWipes Singles So Much!"

"Brilliant Product"

"I want to work for this company. Because if you can hold a meeting to come up with a name for this product and have it be what it is, then I know that y'all are a great bunch of folks and I'd love to work with you. But anyhow more about your product . Not much of a scent which I absolutely appreciate. This household doesn't do well with sense because of asthma. Our bums are happy will definitely repurchase again."

- Lisa W.

"These Were Excellent"

"The product was excellent. I purchased this for my 21 yr old grandson after a surgery which left him immobilized . As a nurse, I was aware of the Benefits of using disposable cleansing cloths. I took a risk on this brand to get a smile from him. We were not disappointed . The wipes and the smile were therapeutic."

- Christina H.

"Clean Smelling and Durable"

"The damned things actually are one of the better adult wipes on the market! They are virtually odor-free, large and much more heavy duty than most sports wipes. They are great for military or first responders who work long shifts or have a hard time keeping clean in the field for 72+ hours at a time training.

- Rich T.

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$15 + Shipping
30 Pack
Chamomile, Cucumber, Aloe and Vitamin E
Skin Soft Smooth and Smooth
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60 Pack
Chamomile, Cucumber, Aloe and Vitamin E
Skin Soft Smooth and Smooth
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90 Pack
Chamomile, Cucumber, Aloe and Vitamin E
Skin Soft Smooth and Smooth